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How do you stop taking what everyone says "so personally"?

I DON'T WANNA BE SENSITIVE, but I am... It makes me so annoyed in the moment that I only figure out too late that people are making a joke, etc. I'll try to be making a joke back, but I guess I say it in a too serious or offended sounding voice, which seems to indicate that I didn't recognize the sarcasm or the joke. Should I just awkwardly laugh my way through "insults" (aka jokes) or how else should I respond, since responding with a "joke" is interpreted as my taking things too seriously.. I guess I'm too socially awkward to take a joke.

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    In all seriousness I don't know. What I do know is that meaningful and useful coping skills start to get learned and picked up when you're a child and continue to be learned as you make your way through school. It starts with social interaction when you're forced to fight for your place on the neighborhood totem pole against the other kids and also when you interact with your school peers. As a child if you were sheltered and had overprotective parents then my armchair psychological analysis says that's the root of your issue.

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    Me two ,so there at least 2 of us in the same boat nothing personal

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