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How would you deal with tenants not letting gardener I pay for into the backyard to mow?

The gardener didn't report this to me, so I've fired him. This is the 2nd tenant & gardener that has done this to me. The tenants have to move their cars when the gardener shows up, and they don't want to move them. I lived there before, & I gladly moved my car so the backyard would look nice. Sometimes in that area you might have to park a block away, but I still did it. Would you evict these tenant who at least pay on time, raise their rent more, or make them pay for a gardener? If I make them pay for a gardener, I still don't trust they are going to even do it. I asked the gardener I just fired why certain parts of the backyard weren't done. He said they don't want move clothes off the clothes line so he can mow there. He also said they have a bunch of junk laying around they don't want to move so he can mow. When I fired him I had to explain to him AGAIN the tenants are not the owner I am. I told him he should have reported this to me right away so I could have taken care of it. Has anyone else had problems with gardeners & tenants on a property you don't live at? I would be happy as a tenant the landlord was paying for a gardener, and I would want it done to look nice.

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    Make it a part of your next lease...

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    Serve them a cure or quit notice to comply with yard maintenance, do it themselves or move out. If they opt to do themselves & don't then you evict them.

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    "The tenants have to move their cars when the gardener shows up, and they don't want to move them"

    This is the crux of the issue. you are required to give 24 hours notice for repairs/maintenance.

    If you have a set date/time window the landscaper will mow, then one notice should be sufficient. If he arrives when it is convenient for him, then they are unnecessarily being inconvenienced.

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    Make mowing the lawn their responsibility.

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    I'd just tell the tenants to take care of the backyard themselves and save the cost of a gardener. So long as they keep the yard in decent shape you really have nothing to worry about and if not then you can tell them to fix it/ evict them if they don't.

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    Give them notice that if they fail to allow the gardener in to do his job and if they don't get their junk out of the yard, then they will be evicted. Give them 10 days to clear out the junk and then go prepared - with a camera, for proof in court of the mess, which prevents the gardener from maintaining the yard.

    Source(s): Certified Paralegal, with 25+ years' experience & with Landlord & Tenant law experience.
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    to start, give the tenant the option of mowing themselves or paying toward your gardener. For example, rent 975/month if they mow weekly, 1000 if they don't, build in a fine of $100 if the lawn is overgrown (higher than x inches).

    with the current tenant, they get a cure or quit notice to allow mowing or be kicked out.

    have the gardener work with the tenant on a good time when the tenant will be out...with the cars.

    YES, you have a leg to stand on even if the lease doesn't specifically say they have to move the cars. generally a lease requires a property to be maintained to a minimally decent degree....trashing the yard/not allowing the lawn to be mowed violates that.

    you can't change the lease until it expires unless they agree....if you offer to make it their responsibility mid lease, you could need offer a rent reduction.

    have they been given legal notice the gardener will be coming? it could be standing notice such as gardener will come every monday, if the weather is bad, it may be tuesday for example.

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      They are due for a rental increase, but their increase is going to be more now than what I was going to raise it for doing this. They are being warned they need to move the cars & allow the gardener to do the complete lawn. That's crazy to tell him only mow in certain sections!!

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Does your lease say they have to move their car or not? If not, you don't have a leg to stand on.

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Don't fire the gardener, evict the damn tenants.

  • Pearl
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    6 months ago

    i think its the tenants that should get evicted for not letting the gardener do his job

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