bradbabywoods asked in PetsDogs · 6 months ago

my yorkpoo goes crazy when a family member is leaving house . How can we begin to stop this crazy behaviour? He will be 4 in Sept/19?

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  • 6 months ago

    Jumping up on couch attached to big bay window and standing on sill scratching at window trying to through the window. Racing around barking - and he has a loud bark for a lil guy: (

  • 6 months ago

    Is he neutered? Neutering a dog can help curb unwanted behavior. You will also have to desensitize your dog from the excitement of people leaving. My question is what do you mean by "crazy"? Running? Jumping?

  • Jojo
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    6 months ago

    At 4 years old I doubt he is going to easily change this behaviour. It is now ingrained in him and he has been allowed to get away with this behavior for too long.

    He should have been taught not to do this some years ago when he was a lot younger.

    Shut the dog in another room before a family member leaves the house, so the dog does not see them preparing to leave or actually going through the door and leaving. Sometimes prevention is better (and easier) than cure.

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