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48g of methane was burned in an excess of air. What mass of carbon dioxide would be produced in the reaction assuming complete combustion?

1 Answer

  • CH4 + 2O2 => 2H2O + CO2

    Methane has a molar mass of 12 + 4 => 16 grams, so we're getting rid of 3 moles of methane. Note that all of the carbon from the methane goes into the Carbon Dioxide, and that there's a 1-to-1 conversion. We put in 3 moles of methane, we get 3 moles of carbon dioxide. 1 mole of CO2 has a mass of 12 + 32 => 44 grams. We're getting 3 moles of CO2, so that's 132 grams.

    48 grams of methane + 192 grams of Oxygen = 108 grams of water and 132 grams of carbon dioxide

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