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Help! My dog keeps biting my roommate?

I have a 2 year old male beagle Pitt mix who never showed any signs of aggression prior to this. My roommate and my dog have always loved eachother so I’m so confused. About 6 months ago my roommate got a male Pitt which is advised against because neither of the dogs are neutered. They play rough and occasionally mg dog will snap at him but nothing serious. A few weeks ago we had people over and it was quite noisy and my dog was hiding under the coffee table and my roommate disciplined her dog near the table and my dog snapped and bit her leg. And then today she was trying to get him out of a room and he bit her! I am going to make an appointment to get him neutered in hopes that will stop the aggression? Does anyone have advice? I can’t afford a professional to train him and he really is a great dog.

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    He needs to be neutered and the interaction between him and your roommate needs to stop. Hiding under the table is a clear sign that the dog was uncomfortable. If he is out when your roommate is out, muzzle him. Look up signs of nervousness/fear in dogs and study your dog to recognize those signs. There are also great training videos online and plenty of online resources to help you train. It just takes consistency from you. Good Luck

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    Have it put down. the dog is a pitt mutt and can't ever be trusted, can't be trained ot not to attack people and since its already bitten it has to be put down

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    Get your head out of the sand! He is NOT a "great" dog. He is in fact (by legal definition) a DANGEROUS DOG and he has bitten a HUMAN BEING (not trying to hurt him) not once but TWICE.

    Were he to bite again, the law - were it to know about the 2 prior bites (or were your roommate to tell) - say if she got bitten again (or if somebody ELSE gets bitten and SUES YOU) - would REQUIRE that your dog BE PUT DOWN. Wrap your mind around THAT FACT!

    Either you get a trainer (Pronto) or you put the dog down, or wait to be sued. He is a LAWSUIT waiting to happen. The dog lacks bite inhibition, and is in fact a FEAR BITER.

    His behavior and/or mental problems may stem from poor genetics or poor socialization...or both. Either you get him UNDER complete control (with the help of a trainer) or you live minus any roommates or parties at your place.

    NO shelter or rescue wants such a dog or can place...such a dog. They know if they place a known biter - and he bites again, THEY will be sued out of business. Most now know to carefully temperament TEST all dogs before offering them for adoption, since so many people - LIE about their dogs....... when doing a surrender.

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    He's not a great dog. He's an insurance liability. Posting this was foolish. If the dog bites and harms someone and that person sues you, you just guaranteed you will lose the lawsuit. Why? You had notice that the dog can and will bite.

    Maybe a trainer can help. Maybe not.

    I'd find a new roommate, personally. Your dog hides out of concerns for his safety and YOU don't have money to train him - or, apparently, an interest in keeping him safe and secure.

    You do know if you attempt to rehome him you have to give his full background so the rescue doesn't get sued if he bites and I guarantee he will be euthanized.

    How old are you?

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    Great dogs don't bite and are trained on how to behave.

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    He is not a great dog, he has the potential to do serious injury to someone.

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