How do i get into my fathers memorial facebook page?

i had an old account with a fake name and some creep got mad at me because i called him out for being a pervert and so he reported my account that account was linked to my fathers memorial facebook page and now i cant get into it because i lost the paper that had his info on it and i really want to get back in so i can see the pictures and post on the timeline and accept or decline other friend requests from friends and family any help on how to do so?? sorry for the run on sentence..

1 Answer

  • Daniel
    Lv 7
    6 months ago

    You cant when it becomes a Memorial Page its a Memorial Page not really a Account anymore

    You can still Access the Memorial Page but you cant Access the Account that its on

    • Raven Death4 months agoReport

      actually no i was able to get into his account and accept and decline people because my old account was linked to his memorial account but facebook is so retarded and don't care if you loss everything they will let creepy pedophiles run free on there but god forbid you have a fake name

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