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Why do some Chicanos call Mexican born residence, who now live in United States beaners?

I just don't get it. I have some friends were born in Mexico, and they told me that they get called beaners a lot by mexican-americans or Chicanos.

In return he calls Chicanos Pochos or fake Mexicans. I even broke up a fight between Mexicans and Chicanos.

Chicanos are Mexican descent, so I don't see what the racial slurs are all about.

Is it because Chicanos feel more American than Mexican, that they have to exclude themselves from Mexicans by calling them names.

I'm not Mexican at all but I'm still Hispanic, and find this to be stupid. I even seen some videos where this has taken place.

Usually I would see blacks and whites argue or fight it out sometimes, but Mexicans? I just don't understand.

Mexicans have been depressed a lot in this country. They should be United with Chicanos instead of fighting.

I've seen it too many times and it has got to stop.

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  • Anonymous
    10 months ago
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    I think people in the Americas should get their history straight before they start complaining.

    Both Chicano and Mexico are derived from the same root word. Chicano typically refers to the indigenous people and native culture from Mezoamerica. Being born in the US won't change that.

    Hispanic means you're claiming a heritage that comes from Hispania (Spain or Portugal)

    Latino means you're claiming a heritage that comes from Latina or Latium (Rome, Italy)

    But, personally I think everyone should just stick to using In dio / In deus and then no one would need to worry about this ... remember that all Indios are the same.

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