I need to replace my outlet that my fridge plugs into. What is a tamper resistant outlet?

I bought this one. (An electrician is installing it, but I am curious to know if the one I bought is okay - the one you see in the pic)

It says: Tamper Resistant - Built in Electric Shutter?? What s that?

Is tamper resistant only for preventing little kids from sticking something into the socket? or is it for something else?


Hmm... I couldn't upload a pic. Did YA stop allowing pics?

Update 2:

Here is a photo of the outlet I bought. Thank you for your help


Update 3:

Wow some people do not understand how to read. I did not say that I needed the tamper resistant outlet, I did not say I have kids, I did not say I was worried about kids getting behind the fridge.

All I was trying to understand was can a fridge be plugged into this outlet, or do I have to buy a different one.

Update 4:

So the one I bought was the right one and the electrician installed it. Yay

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  • Damien
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    6 months ago
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    when i lived in dubai 20 yrs ago every home was installed with one of these, i dont why the west is so behind in this,the shutter thing means the plug hole is closed if nothing is inserted in, hence it is tamper proof and impossible for a kid to stick a pencil in there and get electrocuted, with the fridge plug which has 3 pins , the lower alone standing pin once inserted with push the closed shutters up allowing the the other two pins to get in, when u take the plug out, because the lower alone standing pin is out, the spring inside will push the shutters back to close position.

    • STEVEN F
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      6 months agoReport

      Not even CLOSE to Genius: Jut because you don't LIKE the answers, they are still correct. The answer you picked as best answer is BS and has LESS to do with the question you asked than any of the others.

  • 6 months ago

    You replace it with an ORDINARY outlet and don't let kids behind the refrigerator to stick things into the outlet.

    If the outlet isn't already behind the refrigerator, you install a NEW outlet where it belongs.

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    an outlet a kid CAN'T stick a fork into........................not usually a problem for an outlet with a FRIDGE right in front of it .....................

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