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Would you rather go completely insane and keep all of your emotions or.....?

Would you rather take meds that made you emotionally numb permanently? I was forced to take medication for years that has caused me to feel none of most emotions. I was far from like this before. It's been a long time since I took them and it hasn't gotten any better. It's like it caused brain damage to a specific part of my brain.

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    Numbness isn’t the absence of emotion, it’s your brain trying to soften the blow (so to speak) of the pain you’re feeling, and it’s processing things. It takes some time for the numbness to wear off, but it will, and you will be able to feel joy again (as well as other things).

    As for meds, I take Zoloft, yet I still cry all the time, so it’s not the meds. The meds try and “recycle” your serotonin (some crap like that), so you will feel better longer.

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    I am on meds that make me feel numb inside.

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    This is an emotional question, so you do have emotions. If you feel like your medications are affecting you in a bad way, I think you should talk to your doctor about possibly changing them. Don't stop taking them, though ...not without professional guidance.

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    It would be awful to go completely insane and being without emotions would be very upsetting but I would rather have the latter.

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    I don't understand this question

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