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what happens if i put wrong battery in my car? PLEASE HELP!?

My car was completely dead so i had to jump with my dad's car and ran into Sam's club. I have Toyota Corolla LE car but i don't why i accidentally told worker at the vehicle motor that I have Toyota Corolla SE. I guess they put SE new battery in my LE car. After they change the battery, my car engine was fine as usual and it does start. But I realized I was talking about the wrong car version to vehicle worker, when i just got home.

Is it okay to drive with this SE battery? Or should I go to Sam's club and change the right version?

I don't know if it's safe to have SE battery rather than LE.

Do you think it might have problem if I keep driving with wrong battery? I don't know SE battery has bigger size or smaller size then LE.

PLEASE HELP ME OUT WHAT I HAVE TO DO! I'm afraid that this will damage my car :((

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    There is NO SUCH THING as an 'LE' battery or an 'SE' battery. There isn't even a 'Toyota' battery. Both of those vehicles and many other cars, many not made by Toyota use the same battery.

    Besides, they replaced the battery with the same type as the one they replaced.

    There are exactly 3 things that actually matter in automotive batteries for cars that are not electric.

    1. Voltage.

    2. CCA, aka Cold Cranking Amps.

    3. Physical size.

    The fact they were ABLE to install the battery means #3 is satisfied.

    The fact the car started confirms #1, but nearly all car batteries are 12 volts.

    The ONLY thing that COULD be different is #2, and that is NEVER different for different trim lines of the same base model.

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      Duck you MORON: Please note #3, which INCLUDES your concern, which isn't actually true.

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    Installing a larger-capacity battery changes the currents, which could lead to spikes and surges that may damage the on-board computer or fuse panel. You have a lower chance of damaging the computer, but with alternator failure, damage is still a possibility. The fuse panel likely will receive most of the damage.

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    should be just fine. same battery

  • zipper
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    The battery will work just fine, both cars use the same size battery. And they both are 12 volt!

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    If it fits and works, which it does, then it is 100% safe and fine.

  • Ron
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    6 months ago

    OMG!!! I can't believe you put a Limited Edition Battery in a Special Addition car!! What were you thinking!!???

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    They likely take the same battery.

    The problem you're going to have is that if the battery was dead because the alternator was not charging the battery you're going to get stranded again.

    Go to an auto parts store. Thy test the battery and charging system for free.

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    So long as the new battery has the same power rating as your old one there's nothing to worry about

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      It's box-shaped and black what more do you need?

  • don r
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    There is no problem, as long as the battery physically fits where it belongs.

  • Mark
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    It will be the same battery. The wrong battery will probably not fit without some butchering of the terminals.

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      There are ONLY 2 sizes of terminals. ALL top mounted terminals are the same and ALL side mounted terminals are the same.

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