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Who are 10 wrestlers (tag teams count as one) you would like to see in All Elite Wrestling, daddy?

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    6 months ago
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    1. J.D. Drake. There are quite a few WNN Live/Evolve guys I'd like to see show up, but I'd love to see J.D. Drake get some more eyes on him. I'd also be fine if they looped in long time tag partner Anthony Henry. They're both great singles guys, and I'd prefer Drake get his own shine, but their tandem work has evolved into something nice.

    2. Timothy Thatcher: Similar to Drake, he's a talented guy currently working in the WNN network. He's long past due on some major recognition as a singles star.

    3. David Starr: He's been mired in controversy over his stance against ROH, but it doesn't change the fact that he's a very talented and charismatic wrestler.

    4. Marty "The Moth" Martinez: Of all the names that have departed from the sinking ship that is Lucha Underground, Marty's been left out in the cold for some reason. He's very talented, very charismatic, and would be a great get.

    5. Team Sea Stars: I don't know how often they tag together these days, but as a tandem or singles they'd be an awesome pickup.

    6. Eddie Kingston: Eddie Kingston's a tenured veteran of the indies and may very well be one of the most passionate promo guys of the past 20 years. He's marked 2019 as his retirement year if something big doesn't happen for him. I'd like for AEW to happen for him.

    7. Luke Harper: Of the names floating around asking for their release, I think Harper has the most upside to him. He's a very unique big man with good mic skills who could be utilized much better than what WWE has been doing with him.

    8. Jimmy Jacobs: I'd add the caveat that I'd want Jacobs in creative and not in-ring. I think he's still working for TNA, but he'd be a great mind backstage.

    9. Cam Carter: He's a local guy here in NC, but I've felt like he's been a big fish in a small pond for too long. He's also appeared in Chikara a few times and impressed folks there.

    10. The Gymnasty Boys: They've wrestled at least one Evolve show and worked everywhere they've been able to around the U.S. They're very charismatic and can do the comedy stuff, but they're also very capable of working a more indie style or a more classic Memphis style. White Mike's wrestled Cody Rhodes where at the end Cody put him over big, and they've both recently had a match with SCU who also put them over afterward in a promo, so I'd like to hope the feelers are out there.

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      I like your 10, Candle daddy. Really fits into AEW's strategy of scouring the independents.

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    Sasha Banks, Luke Harper, ZSJ, Will Ospreay, Minoru Suzuki, Marko Stunt, Moose, Jordynne Grace, Tenille Dashwood

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    I don’t ljke wrestling

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