Will I get this refund from financial aid? (Please read)?

This semester I had to take 2 courses that are not on my major (and the 2 other courses that are on my major). As you may know if you have any course that is not on your major financial aid will not cover for it. They also don’t count those credits, so it appears as if I’m not taking enough credits as financial aid requires.

Okay, so long story short financial aid is not covering for anything and I’m paying for this semester.

BUT I had already received and award for this semester, it just will not cover for my courses but I did receive one.

Will I get the money from that award back as a refund?

1 Answer

  • 6 months ago

    Unless your 2 non-major courses are non-credit courses, your financial aid should count them. IF they are not counted, your 2 classes would make you a half-time student, eligible for 1/2 the aid. Go speak to your academic advisor and the financial aid office to clarify your situation... that's what those folks are there for!

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