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Why is my cat so needy?

I've had her a long time. She was always very affectionate, but lately she wants nonstop attention. She won't let me watch TV, write or even work out with being right in my face demanding I pet her for hours if I let her.

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  • 6 months ago

    There could be a number of reasons kitty is getting "needier," from being frightened by something, she realizes she's getting on in years and is trying to make the most of her time with you, or she senses you have some emotional or physical issue that demands her expert nursing care, to name a few. However, as cats get older they have a tendency to want to be more clingy. See if diverting her attention with toys helps, and if you don't have a plush cushy sleeping bed/cocoon, get one for her as that might help.

  • 6 months ago

    "She won't let me watch TV".

    WHO'S in charge?

    Put her in a carrier, and close the door when "She won't let me watch TV".

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      She is not needy. She loves you and wants to show it.

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