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True or False? Men who aren’t married, don’t have kids, or pets are less stressed?

as a millennial man, I get more anxiety and stress problems if I ever were married. I don’t plan on ever getting married because I am an introvert.

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  • Sam
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    5 months ago
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    I would say that definitely is true.

  • Jas B
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    5 months ago

    A major survey on this subject found the following;

    " of 127,545 American adults found that married men are healthier than men who were never married or whose marriages ended in divorce or widowhood.

    Men who have marital partners also live longer than men without spouses; men who marry after age 25 get more protection than those who tie the knot at a younger age, and the longer a man stays married, the greater his survival advantage over his unmarried peers"

    As for those in long term partnerships but not married they found;

    "living with unmarried partners tend to fare better than those living alone, but men living with their wives have the best health of all"

    "Japanese scientists reported that never-married men were three times more likely to die from cardiovascular disease than married men. And a report from the Framingham Offspring Study also suggests that marriage is truly heartwarming. Scientists evaluated 3,682 adults over a 10-year period. Even after taking major cardiovascular risk factors such as age, body fat, smoking, blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol into account, married men had a 46% lower rate of death than unmarried men."

    "Mental health is the most prominent; married men have a lower risk of depression and a higher likelihood of satisfaction with life in retirement than their unmarried peers. Being married has also been linked to better cognitive function, a reduced risk of Alzheimer's disease, improved blood sugar levels, and better outcomes for hospitalized patients"

    These results have been found in multiple studies.

    So the evidence suggests your health will be better if you marry, but you are an individual and should do what you want. But don't turn your back on the idea of marriage because you believe you will be healthier if you don't, because that is not true.

    As one wise old saying goes "a trouble shared is a trouble halved"

  • 5 months ago

    Your claim is wildly false. More than a few studies have shown that married people are generally healthier and live longer than recluses. But, of course, you are welcome to view the world through your own chosen set of lenses. Cheers.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    True Dat................

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  • 5 months ago

    All the evidence shows that marriage lengthens a man's life (while it shortens a woman's), so I believe your statement regarding marriage is already disproven as a matter of fact. More generally, all available evidence indicates that the more solitary a person's life is, the shorter that person's life span will be.

  • blu
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    5 months ago

    I divorced many yrs. ago. I don't have any kids. I worked hard retired early, own everything I have outright (paid cash) including my residence. I have lived nearly a stress-free life (I'm age 56 in my 11 yr. old avatar). As an old man I like to say I'm making a smooth transition f/ my 1st to 2nd childhood because I never had to grow up.

    However, stats say single men die younger. I suppose because they don't have the nag pushing them to take care of themself. So they die younger but happier ... lol

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    True. But yet life is more lonely being single without anybody depending on you. So either way being single has it's good and bad points and so does being married with a family

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