What is your suggestion on scoping a mosin nagant?

The rifle i want to put a scope on is a 91-30.

I have looked at several and cannot make up my mind it looks costly any way i go.

Really like the pu style but looks like opening up a can of worms.

The band around the receiver type does not look very ridged and is ugly.

The dovetail rear sight mount claims you do not ruin the value of the rifle but buying a long eye relief scope means extra purchase. I do not care about ruining the value of the rifle as long as it works good.

I have a drill press and hand drill motors and a little shop experience.

Also if i buy a pu scope should i get the one that has the tap and drill?


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  • C T M
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    6 months ago
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    You're going to need a bent bolt handle. You're going to need a scope mount kit. Some replace the rear sight blade, some require drilling and tapping. I have a cousin who bought an aftermarket composite stock for his 91/30, bought a bent bolt handle, and installed a drill and tap scope mount kit more than a dozen years ago and uses that rifle every deer season. He makes over $200,000 a year income and can afford literally any hunting rifle he might want, but he uses that converted Mosin every year, and fills his freezer every year.

    • BRANDO6 months agoReport

      Excellent answer and inspiring me to continue with a project. Dont hunt larger animals like deer much anymore or long distance targets but medium distances for varmints is what i had in mind. The scope more for novelty and identification of targets.Thanks ctm.

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