Is there any pre University level of education in US which is a level above school education?

In Indian state of Karnataka, we have 1 year of Pre University College after completion of 11 years of school education from the age of 5.

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    Public education in the U.S. typically lasts 12 years, (approximate) age 6 (first grade) through age 17 (twelfth grade). Most school districts also have an optional "kindergarten" for five-year-olds that most students attend.

    After 12th grade, students continuing their education can go directly to university for their bachelor's degree (which is four years in the U.S.).

    There is an intermediate degree: an associate's degree at a "community college" (public) or "junior college" (private). Some associate's degrees are vocational in nature (paralegal, dental hygiene, nursing, etc.); others are "transfer" degrees that can substitute for the first two years of a bachelor's degree.

    Again, going to a community college for an associate's degree is -not- required; most students go directly from twelfth grade to university. Community colleges are open admission, so people who did not get admitted to university tend to go there; they also are usually inexpensive, so many people go there to save money on their education.

    Most community colleges do not have dormitories; they are "commuter schools" where you would live at home with your parents while attending school. A few do have dormitories, though, and some have special housing programs for international students.

    Private junior colleges typically have dorms, but they tend to be -very- expensive, even compared to universities (often "finishing schools" or "equine studies" for young ladies).

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      It's a -brief- overview; I can't explain every nuance of the U.S. education system in the space allowed. The question was really about post-secondary education in the U.S., so I skimmed over the primary and secondary parts. Only 17 states (plus D.C.) require kindergarten attendance.

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    US system is K-12 = 13 years of primary & secondary education. Minimum education to apply for admission to university is 12-13 years of primary & secondary, which you do not yet have. US has no "pre-college" or "foundation" program as college preparation ("college prep") is part of high school (for better students). You do not qualify to apply for admission to schools in the US. And you do not qualify for student visa, either. You will have to complete sufficient education in your country to meet the 12-13 years of primary & secondary education before you might qualify to universities in US or elsewhere.

    UK has a foundation year program for those with insufficient primary & secondary education, equivalent to UK's A-levels.

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    No, there is not a ore college year.

    High school is four years and students are 18 when they graduate.

    They go direct to a university, which is four years.

    Some students go to a community college first, then transfer for a university. But they are earning credits that work towards their Bachelor degree.,

    Community colleges also offer two year career programs and trade programs.

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