Do you agree Shiaism is evil & those who think it is not are simple?

That is full of Lies which oppose even Quran & reason. Like Ali is the way to all science of human kind as Mohammad is its city. Ali has all original Books like true Torah & true Quran & etc. Or that Ali quotes Bible without saying he did from it. Or Ali's wife own all earth. . Or such bullshits.

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  • Kin
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    7 months ago
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    You need to stop speaking ill of Shias or about any muslims for that matter. Because these things are serious accusations. You need to also leave alone the Prophet's family, peace & blessings be upon them, they are an honorable family honored by Allah and are deserving of the utmost respect.

    Stop trying to make them appear to be arrogant and stop spreading nonsense about them if you are a decent human being. They are special and honored in their own unique way as well. Only a righteous believer would be in love with the most honored family after Prophet Abraham and Prophet Abraham's household, peace & blessings be upon them and only a sincere believer would be most loving of them and having the utmost respect for them.

    Your poor etiquette and poor language is not needed and not appreciated. Please reflect upon because what I said is nothing but sincere truth.

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