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How do I find out if a girl is leaving hints on me(to find out if she is into me)?

I become friends with a girl from school from a mutual friend. We were pretty good friends, but during my last year, we barely even talked to each other like 5 times max and during our graduation day, she accused me of destroying the friendship and I told her that I won t and we never talked to each other until the end of my ICSE s(Equivalent to GCSE). After the exam, we never met physically but chatted like everyday. We became very close to each other. She has told me the number of people she has rejected a few times and also today, she said she missed me. We are currently in 2 different schools studying two different pathways during 2 different pathways. The chances of us meeting is pretty slim. Is this an hint? Can someone explain?

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    You can't expect her to throw herself at you. You have to take the male role and ask her to meet up, for example.

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