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How can a pluripotent stem cell differentiate to everything. Is it rational to believe that all the info needed stored in it.?

Tom Bearden mentions that every cell has a simple brain. This brain exist in a hyper dimension and the cell is simply an interface to a more sophisticated brain existing in a hyper dimension exhibiting non local traits and sometimes is shared by the whole spices. Non local means it is independent of time and place. This cell-brain interface is made of the mystical scalar energy. This energy is undetectable in the lab frame. According to Bearden a strong magnet will distort space-time and convert scalar energy to regular detectable electromagnetic field.

Jacque Benvenste picked up the magnetic noise of a drug and replayed it on water giving water the potency of the drug. Noble prize winner Montagnier transported DNA by picking up magnetic noise too. Viewing this from Bearden point of view could it be that Benvenste and Montagnier simple picked up the mystical connection between a cell or a chemical compound and its hyper dimensional brain? This connection when replayed magnetically on water it also opens this interface to the same brain. If so won't be the current stem cell research misleading to think that switching DNA will solve the problem rather than looking at the mystical interface to the "brain" of the cell? You can think of it like the shared library of codes dll in windows for instance. According to Bearden nature has a dll library which exist outside time and space.

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    So each cell has a brain?

    I see an immediate problem, that brain has multiple cells, they each must have a brain, etc, etc, etc until all know dimensions must be infinitely big.

    And each of the statements after that is all garbage if you have a scientific education. Listen to Neil Degrass or someone credible...

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    Don't believe everything you hear. There is no hyper dimension or scalar energy or cell brain. None of those terms even have any meaning. They are techno babble. This is total BS fiction.

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    Dude, don't be fooled by the many fake theories that are around. Some are simply bad science, but some are intended to extract money from the gullible (especially free energy ventures).

    And look for independent experimental proof of claims, not just the work of the people (and their friends) making the claims. For example, when independently tested at lab's around the world, no one could replicate Benvenste 's results. Note that he was awarded 2 Ignobel prizes. (Not the same as Nobel prizes! If you haven't heard of the Ignobel prizes, look it up.)

  • Hmm, this sounds like a whole load of made up stuff, those dudes don't have much credibility.

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    6 months ago

    With people like you around believing fantasy pseudo-science like that I ought to be able to make a good living selling pet unicorns.

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