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What's in the United States that's not in Mexico & Central America?

I'm just curious.

When people say "People move to the US for a better life", I just want to know what they're specifically referring to.

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    In addition to available good paying jobs the government gives handouts including welfare (food, housing), health care, education, and social security and in many sanctuary cities illegals are often above the law.

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      Two words:



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    different people are in the us that arent anywhere else

  • TB12
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    5 months ago

    Less crime, less corruption and more opportunities for a better life for you and your children.

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    freedom, ability to make more than 2 pennys an hour.. lists go on

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Mass school yard shootings

  • Brian
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    5 months ago

    Mexico and the nations south of it (Central America) are developing countries, job oportunities are less abundant and most ordinary jobs probably pay a days wage in the equivalent of what you could make in a similar job in the U,S in just one hour of work.Making paying medical bills easier, perhaps better schooling oportunities are found in the U.S for a Mexican person of low income status too.They are basically economic migrants.Here in the UK there has been a large influx of Polish people for the same reason, while some younger Poles may see the adventure in living in a new western European country, most are here for economic reasons, and while some of my fellow Brits complain, theres no doubt that if Poland was the economic power and Britain was suffering economically, thousands of Brits would be working and living in Poland.

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    5 months ago
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