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My 2 cats are Fighting and Female don't want to stay at home anymore [URGENT]?

Hello, I am having a big big and big trouble. And I am gonna crazy as hell.

I have 2 cats. One is 11 month old(Male Cat) and other is 2 year old(Female cat). Their relationship is mother and son.

Female cat is spayed. And male cat didn't neutered

I allow my famale cat to go outside for pee and potty since last 1.5 year. Then she come back home everytime. She eating and sleeping in my home.

But recently my male cat started urine spray everywhere in house. And my female cat is gone crazy. She can’t see his son now. She always attacks my male cat(his son). And as a result she don’t want to come back home anymore. She is gone crazy. She scream outside of our house for stress. As a result my neighbor are gone crazy also.

We tried a lot to come back her to home. But she refuses everytime. Even she doesn’t allow to touch her now.

I neutered my male cat yesterday. Still she doesn't come home. And if I caught him from outside and takes into my home. She keep attacking my male cat(his son) and keep shouting and running here and there for go outside.

Guys, How to solve this issue? I am going crazy.

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  • Phil
    Lv 6
    6 months ago

    Do you live near a river? I have a bag.

  • 6 months ago

    your male cat is pestering her.

    their "relationship" doesn't mean squat after the male was weaned. Mother and son will breed if your mother cat wasn't fixed.

    Get the male fixed

    • Abid Hasan6 months agoReport

      Did you read the post?
      Mother cat was spayed/fixed 8 month ago

      And Male was fixed yesterday.

  • J C
    Lv 7
    6 months ago

    Until the hormones leave your male cat he is going to smell and act like an intact male. It's going to take a good two weeks at least, and possibly much longer. To you he is her son - to her, it's a rude male cat that she does not like. Get an enzymatic cleaner and thoroughly scrub all the areas he has sprayed - soak the fabric ones by pouring it in. Nature's Miracle is a good one. If that is not available to you (I think you are not from the US) then get a big bottle of white vinegar, and mix it about 1/4 vinegar with 3/4 water and scrub! Pour it into the couch where he sprayed it. Yes, for a few days your home is going to smell like vinegar but it's better than cat spray. Get everything cleaned up, keep him indoors only, and life should get better. Keep the two cats separate until his hormones have left his system, to prevent her from disliking him more.

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Once again you will need to wait for the male to settle down and the hormones to go from his body. When you get a cut and need stitches does it heal the ext day with no trace just cause you saw the doctor? No it takes about two weeks to heal and skin to grow over cause your body needs to grow new skin.

    Good job getting your male neutered, however it may take a couple weeks for the testosterone (hormones) to leave his body, there’s no instant cure other than to have had him neutered at a dry young age.

    Did you have the female checked to see why she was attracting the males outside? You will also have a problem until you get rid of the males spraying and marking outside by your door, they were part of the problem. They are claiming your female cat and letting any cat in area know they were there, that’s one of the major reasons your male was having a spraying contest. The female may be giving off hormonal scent depending what type of spay she had, her son may have tried mounting her, driven by all the male cat urine the outside cats have been leaving as a calling card/challsnge

    Once his tester one leaves things should settle down, in the mean time keep them separated, he may need to spend some alone time in a bedroom wile she’s inside.

    She also wouldn’t have been attracting other cats if she would have been kept inside rather than outside. Ow it’s too late to change that but what would happen if she became an inside cat once again. Would you save that much money not have to change the litter box as often?

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  • 6 months ago

    That is disgusting, if I saw that thing spray on the couch one time I would grab it by the neck and throw it into the street. You are one of those people where your whole house wreaks like a sick litter box, letting the cat own the house as it’s own personal toilet

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