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I think the company I work for might get rid of me because I don't act social with my co workers. Is that normal?

The managers always laugh and joke around with everybody except me pretty much

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    Pretty much normal. The workplace is basically a big suck-up to the boss and anyone else who mayhelp your prospects.

    The best idea is to learn to play the game, while inside maintaining a healthy disregard for it all. You have a life after work. Make that the focus of your life, and see your job as nothing more than a way to make money to allow you to do the things that really are you. But while on the job, just wheedle your way around like all the others. Just make sure you know that all you are really doing is acting. Don't let your job and what goes on there infect your private life.

    Best of both worlds!

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    No. They care about the job you do. That's all.

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