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Why do Mexicans have more common last names than other Hispanic nationalities like Puerto Ricans, Cubans, etc.?

A lot more Mexican people I've seen share common Hispanic last names like Lopez, Sanchez ,Diaz,etc.

But I've seen more Puerto Ricans, Cubans, white people from Spain, etc. with much more varied last names like Alcala, Nieto, Leon, Delgado,Pomales, etc.

And of course you have last names from conquistadors like De Soto, Pizarro, etc.

Last names I never see among Mexican Americans

Why do so many Mexican-American people have the same common surnames more so than other Hispanic nationalities?

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    The surnames of Mexico come from the Spanish take over from the indigenous people. Cuba abd Puerto Rico had numerous other ethnic sailors inhabit the islands.

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    Surnames when taken/given were chosen and from the language heard, spoken or which influenced the person at the time of taking it, it certainly doesn't mean they 'came from Spain' or even have any Spanish ancestry at all likely because of the Spanish conquer many Mexican had their surname changed to suit the Spanish, while other Spanish conquered countries they kept their surnames and/or were able to choose their own surname

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