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Would it be wrong if I traded my miniature pig in for a lab puppy?

I love my pig so much but taking care of her has become such a pain. She eats twice a day so I can’t go anywhere, she never listens to me, I can’t take her anywhere with me, and I think a lab puppy would be so much better fit for me. I want a pet that I can take everywhere with me; boating, hiking, camping, around town. And dogs are easier to leave when on vacation, nobody wants to pet sit a pig. I’m very outdoorsy and my pig can’t do anything with me but a lab could. Having both a pig and a puppy is not an option. I really want a puppy.

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  • Ocimom
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    6 months ago

    If you wanted to do all you say WHY would you even get a mini pig (btw they grow a LOT bigger then you think. You are starving the pig feeding only 2 times a day). Find a pig rescue in your state and surrender your pig.

    Then go adopt a puppy from the shelter.

    • taylor5 months agoReport

      She is not starved, this is a common misconception of non-pig owners. Pigs need to be on a strict diet with two or three feedings. They will not stop eating so they can’t be free fed.
      And I know very well how big they grow! My pig is a year and currently 60 pounds but I know she can get up to 150.

  • Honestly it's your decision, you could of just got tired of a your pig and might want to try a new pet just know it will effect your lifestyle and your life if you were great friends with that pig

  • 6 months ago

    What makes you think a dog would be much different. What I know, dogs likely need more attention and care than a pig.

    Here we are again with someone grown past the novelty and like a closet full of toys, one more to put up for a new toy. So now, your innocent sweet pig has to pay the price because you want a lab.

    Wow, I would love to have your pig and be sure it would have the best of care, love, and attention I can give, and I have all it takes for that except pigs are livestock in my city and can't keep them here.

    Yes, I do know a lot of their behaviors and willing to accept those bad behaviors that just can't be trained out.

    My rats chewed an expensive new shirt, can't blame the rats, that is what they do and I knew better,, My bad.

    Still love my ratties, nothing changes there.

    • taylor6 months agoReport

      I try to give my best to her. She is so spoiled. I just get tired when there is so much work for me with little enjoyment. I would love to do everything with her, but she can’t do it. I really Don’t want to get rid of her, I know pets are supposed to be forever. But she is not the pet for me.

  • J C
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    6 months ago

    You do not trade one pet in for another. You think the pig is a lot of work? The pup will be no less work. You are aware that puppies need to go outdoors to go potty every 2-3 hours, including into the night? That will go on for potentially two months, or more. The also need to be left out during the day. A pup needs to be fed three times a day - an adult twice. No different in that respect than a pig. You knew what you were getting into when you got the pig - and now the pig is your responsibility for it's entire life. Some of the things you object to about the pig apply to a dog. Pigs can be trained (yes I've seen them) and you failed to do that. No animal just "listens to you" without being trained to do so. The pup is no different. The pup will need multiple training sessions per day, each and every day. The pup will need to be trained to potty outdoors - that means every 2-3 hours. The feeding as I said needs to be done three times a day and then two. Sounds to me that you need to rehome the pig (going to be very tough to do as pig rescues generally have a waiting list) and NOT get a puppy.

    • taylor6 months agoReport

      My pig is trained, I’ve spent hours training her. Dogs like to please their owners, pigs are the opposite they do things on purpose to annoy you and they think they are the boss. I know puppies are difficult but they grow up to be easier. No dogs In my family are fed twice a day, food is left out.

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  • 6 months ago

    You're either 11 years old or a TROLL or both. Like puppies are LESS work than a pig - seriously? You're a moron whichever you are AND ridiculously immature and clueless.

    • taylor6 months agoReport

      There really is no point in arguing with you, you’re just an idiot. Just go back to talking to your cats.

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