Player Frustration?

I m in a roleplaying game with a fairly set group. We ve been playing together for a long time, but this recent game has me frustrated. We ve spent 3 sessions just sitting in a jail, which is part of the plot, but there has been no story progress. Both in-character and out of character I am getting very frustrated. All my attempts at roleplay or dice rolls or attempting to escape are foiled by the GM. I m sure to the GM that the answer is clear as day and we re all just stupid, but for the life of my character we can t figure it out. I have started leaving games early because it s just in-game days of eat, talk to other inmates who also don t know anything, sleep, repeat. For 3 8-hour sessions in a row with no end in sight. There is no contact with the outside world or the guards. No locks to pick, no vents to crawl through, and it s making me completely disconnect from the game because there s only so many ways you can say "This sucks, when do we get out".

TL;DR: I need help not disconnecting from a very boring and mentally draining stretch of this game. Any suggestions?

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    wat video game is it

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