I am afraid to study abroad! How should I get over it?

My first semester of college was really rough. I basically had no friends, and it was difficult for me to find friends. Second semester was definitely a lot better for me in terms of my social life; but I am afraid that since I am going to London ( I am from the US) second semester, people are already going to have a set group of friends. I am afraid I am going to be alone in a foreign country. How do I get over this fear/ any recommendations on how to make friends abroad?

1 Answer

  • 6 months ago

    People are going to have friends already but that doesn't mean they don't have room for more. And it means that when you make friends with one person they can introduce you to all their friends too. You'll have lots of opportunities to make friends: halls, classes, sports and social groups. Good tips to help are: put your name and contact info on your study bedroom door; wedge the door open when you are in and would welcome company; join student clubs and associations; hang out where the students hang out (e.g. student union bars and cafes, campus lawns); say yes to whatever social opportunities come your way; take any opportunity to show hospitality (e.g make a cup of tea for someone visiting a flatmate).

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