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caring for a corn snake?

Hello, first off if e always wanted a snake and since I’ve moved out recently I forget I had a small 10 gallon tank sitting around with uv lights attached to the hood, ( it was for fish)

I was shopping at my local pet smart and saw a baby albino corn snake for sale the last one 50$. Maybe about 8inches.

I was thinking of a buying the essentials for him like the aspen bedding, water bowl Wood to climb on . And I have a burring object. Would I be able to keep him in a 10 gallon tank right now and if so for how long? I am on budget right now this is why.

What’s best to feed snake baby’s that are that small?

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    Go for it. The snake will be fine in a 10 gal for about the next year and a half. You will want to upgrade once he is around 2 feet which they usually reach sometime in their second year.

    You will need a heat source. An under tank heat pad is best. It lasts longer, is safer and uses less wattage then a heat bulb. Snakes that age feed on newborn mice called "pinkies". You can buy them frozen, several at a time which is more convenient and usually cheaper. Young snakes eat every 5 to 7 days. He will need bigger mice as he grows.

    If your tank was designed for fish you will need to inspect around the lid very carefully. Snakes are escape artists and can make their way through very small holes and gaps.

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      Thank you perfect! Yes I forgot to add the heat source I was typing so fast. I’m going to go see if he is still there on the 18th! Yes i was thinking he should be fine for a year!! Thank you just what I wanted to hear

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    For a novice, you should do your homework well before getting any snake.

    Your tank will be fine to start with but your snake will outgrow that in time.

    They are a hardy snake, great for novice, but consider they can grow to near 6 foot and live a good 20 years properly cared for.

    The tank will need a screen top that securely fastens, snakes are notorious for being escape artists.

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    That tank is far too small. That pretty much sums it up.

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      The tank is twice the length of the snake.

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