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Ghosted and stuck :( please advise me.?

Last Sunday I met this guy at my friends birthday party and he was really sweet. He came to me and told me he had seen me on Instagram before and then we talked and exchanged numbers. We left the party and got something to eat and we talked about a lot. He told me he really liked me and that he wanted a relationship. And that if I didn’t want a relationship I shouldn’t waste his time. I told him I didn’t want anymore bodies (I had 3 now 4) and that I would like to be in a relationship. He was consistently ft me through the day and texting me and showing the same energy. He even told me to cut off any other guys in my life and I told him I didn’t have any. But he told me he had 2 girls that he was talking to but it was nothing. And that if he liked me he only liked me. No one else. I met him on his break Wednesday and he was asking for sexual favors. I told him I didn’t wanna rush bc I had been ghosted before. He kept saying “it’s just head” but I didn’t. Friday I met w him at his house and long story short we ended up having sex. Idk why I did it but I regret it. The next day (today) he’s not talking to me. He’s active in social media but won’t answer my call (I only. Called once) or my text. I told him I have been hosted before but he still did this. I just need advice. I’m only 18 btw

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