TSA identification?

I have to fly out for a funeral in a week, i however have misplaced my ID and not sure I will get a replacement by then. I was thinking about getting a passport, but not even sure that is possible at this time.

i have credit cards, birth certificate, etc. I also have a photo copy of my identification card as well.

I have read mixed things online but what may work and what wont. Does anyone have any more information or their experience with this?

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  • 6 months ago

    Call the airline

  • 6 months ago

    You don't necessarily have to have an ID. But the TSA agents don't have to let you get to your plane either. If you are worried you won't have your ID in time, you can get a passport in as little as 24 hours, but you would need to make an appointment asap. Keep in mind, this will put a big dent in your wallet.

  • 6 months ago

    Arrive very early for your flights.

    Make sure you have a bank card with your name on it that matches your ticket (credit card, debit card)

    Bring official mail with your name and address (utilities, mortgage, etc).

    Your bags will be completely searched. You will likely be required to have a pat-down.

    Source(s): Flown without ID before.
  • 6 months ago

    A birth certificate is pretty useless because it doesn't have a picture of you now. I would think that the photocopy of your ID would be more helpful. Take that. Understand that TSA can be very arbitrary. Their claim is that they are protecting our security, and they can do pretty much whatever they want under that screen. So it's really going to depend on the TSA agent you encounter when you enter the security line.

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  • 6 months ago

    Yes you can fly without a current DL, TSA SENT ME A LIST OF ACCEPTABLE ID when I flew my 92 year old mom. I would arrive earlier however. I actually emailed TSA and they sent the list

  • 6 months ago

    Not sure why you think anyone here would know more than the TSA agent you spoke to, or why you didn't check details with that person when you had them to speak to. We'll assume you are flying domestically, because if you're flying internationally you're probably out of luck without a passport....in which case what they want is anything that can conform who you are.

    I'd bring all the ID you have, even if it's expired. Birth certificate, the ID photocopy, credit cards, bank card, a student card, a library card (where I am you have to show ID even to get one of those), even if it's expired. I'd bring rent receipts, pay stubs, phone bills, tax returns, anything at all that might show who you are and where you live. I'd also get to the airport a couple of hours early, I mean even earlier than usual, so they have time to paw through all your stuff, make phone calls, search documents, and look through your phone.

    • Brittany6 months agoReport

      not looking for snotty answers, just people with experience. Like i said, I did ask her and she said it was acceptable, however when i went to the website later on, it said it wasnt. TSA customer service was closed by the time i was going to call back to verify.

  • 6 months ago

    i am going to monday morning...but the TSA website say they are not valid but the tsa agent i spoke with on the phone today said it was with another form like birth certificate. so im not really being given consistent information,

  • Pearl
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    6 months ago

    you could go try getting a ternperary id

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