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How many times should I train my glutes at home?

I really want to gain muscle and just tone my glutes. I don't have access to a gym, so how many times a week should I train glutes at home if I'm only using resistance bands, 5lb dumbbells, and ankle weights? I've heard you should train glutes at the gym at least 3-4x a week, but that's if you're going to a gym lifting heavy weights. How often should I train them at home using the equipment I have?

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    You could do it every day at home or every other day. You won't be working as hard at home as you would at the gym by far.

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    Start small and taper up. Begin with 2-3 times per week, then work up to 4-5.

  • zeno
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    Do cardio twice a week and weight lifting

    Twice a week. Do hip raises off a ball or

    Couch or chair. Simply lay on the floor

    And lift you rear end off the ground as

    Many times as you can then wait about

    2 - 5 minutes and it again. Next do squats

    And lunges and ballet like bar exercises

    To tone things up and make that area

    Work smoothly and efficiently. Ok?

  • Pearl
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    6 months ago

    as rnany tirnes as you want to

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