What’s an antibiotic for UTI with the least chance of causing nausea and vomiting?

I have a UTI and I called dr on demand and I asked them for amoxicillin (bc my stomach is very sensitive to antibiotics. They all make me nauseous but I can tolerate amoxicillin) but they wouldn’t give me amoxicillin. They gave me macrobid. They gave me zofran to take with it but it still made me vomit. I’m going to call them back. Does anyone have any ideas on antibiotics that are easier on the stomach like amoxicillin that works for a UTI that I can talk to them about?

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  • 6 months ago
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    May be keflex. Amox is only given for UTIs that a culture shows is sensitive, there is a lot of resistance to a ox. You might have to actually go to an UC and get a culture.

  • 6 months ago

    Amox is usually not given for UTIs because the normal bacteria found in a UTI do not respond to it. You don't get antibiotics by what makes you ill or not, but what eliminates your infection.

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