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Are Planet Food Vegan Protein Powders Worth it?

I was at Coles and saw a massive sale on the Planet Food vanilla & chocolate pea protein powder and the chocolate hemp protein powder and just wanted to know your thoughts on them as I couldn t find online reviews and they aren t producing any samples. I don t want to be stuck with around 1kg of something disgusting but I can save $49 if I get them between now and the end of the sale. I m also very new to protein powders if that helps so I would like something that doesn t taste so much of protein. Cheers :)


I bought both yesterday :) If I didn't like the first one I opened, I'd return the other but I tried the vanilla one today in a smoothie with 1/2 the amount of protein suggested, half a banana, blueberries, cinnamon and almond milk. It was DELICIOUS! I recommend it!

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    Science/scientifically explained: Hemp protein (also full hemp) is the easiest for digestion for human body compared to others. It is not only the speed of digestion as Whey is on the scale of speed higher, but hemp protein has more complete spectral for human body and best balance.

    Opposite to Soy protein from Soy plant which naturally absorb from ground and produces very toxic substances to not list them here - in lab are shown.

    Pea protein is good, but to not offend anyone, is good and recommended for A rh- (or A rh+), and it does not have the full balance and that's why A blood groups make choice for it.

    Wheat protein isolate has very slow digestion circle, and is highest on the percent's for protein content, but also strongest - with it you are maybe able to build ant's strength..

    I do not suggest that you should mix more types, but also I do not say opposite, it is ... your choice.

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  • 6 months ago

    Go someplace where they have packets for $.99 to try it. It's money wasted if you hate it.

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  • 6 months ago

    i would just try one and see and then you'll know

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