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I’m a sapiophile with a bruised brain caused by abuse which feels worse than the abuse itself, how do I heal and overcome years of damage?

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    When the bad feelings happen, you have to be aware enough to do something about it. So, if you find the pain of abuse triggered, then go for a walk, do a meditation, draw a picture, listen to your favorite songs, talk with someone intelligent about your favorite topic, read an article, but take a step to ease away from the painful thought so that the emotion can dissipate. It's actually hard work because we get so used to the pain that enduring it almost seems easier. I'd also see a therapist to reframe the abuse so that you see what it did for you, not just the ways it hurt you. At the very least, chances are it made you more reflective, more drawn to the rational, kinder to people who struggle, more creative, and so on.

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    start by stopping overvaluing intelligence.

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