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I had a gulp of Dr. Pepper in my mouth when I found a joke so funny I felt the drink go out of my mouth and radiate through my head?!?

So I was drinking a dr. Pepper and one of my friends told me a joke that was so funny that it went into my head or something, I didn t swallow or breath it in, I did something and I felt the fizz of the drink literally touch the back of my eyeballs and radiate through my head, I didn t swallow the drink and I didn t spit it out. What happened to me? Am I okay? Obviously sugar and acid isn t the best thing to have touch the back of your eyes. Anyone know why I felt the liquid wave through my head and where did it go!?!

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Youhave to be kidding. You have to be a fu*kin TROLL.

    Are you still in school? This is basic anatomy. When you laughed with dr. pepper in your mouth. You got some to go up into your sinus cavity. this is why you felt in your head and eye balls.

    As i said basic anatomy. You learn this in something like 6th or 8th grade. that the sinuses connect to the throat. How else do you breath thru your nose.

    • Morgan6 months agoReport

      I ain't trolling dude, I was just freaked out because I didn't swallow it or spit it out in any way, it just absorbed into my ****** head...

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