How much is this coin worth?

I have this coin and I have tried searching on the internet about it but haven’t found much out. It’s about 3cm from one end to the other.

The front has an elephant and the back appears to have a grid with numbers/symbols.

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  • 6 months ago

    It's not a coin. It's a token. I'll bet it's a tin/lead alloy that feels heavier in your hand than a coin of that size normally would.

    It does not look old and it does not look hand-hammered. It appears to have been made by casting. Most coins were hand-hammered using dies but tokens that were used for religious ceremonies or other non-money purposes were often cast. But the edges look suspiciously too uniform to be something very old.

    Most info you see about this particular type has them invariably being 'found' near a source of water, because the practice of certain Hindu followers was to cast these pieces into a river for good luck. I think you have a modern reproduction of what one of these tokens might look like, or maybe it's a replica of something genuine. I've seen similar designs, with the elephant facing the other way and the 'squares' not being the same.

    Being something modern, there's not much value to it. This is something, if you want to sell it, that you throw on eBay, set a starting price and take offers.

    • Becky6 months agoReport

      Ah thank you! This is very helpful! I mostly wanted to know a little more about it as I wasn’t sure

  • 6 months ago

    uhhhhh prolly like 3 bucks if you play your cards right

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