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My exam partner isn t doing any work.?

He thinks im gonna do all the work. Our exam is on monday, and he hasn t even begun thinking about what he should say during the exam. I m not doing it for him though. How do i tell him without sounding like a jerk that he can t use any of my material? If he was just some random person i would just have said it, but he is a close friend and i dont want him to get a grudge aginst me just because i don t want to for work for him. He is usually very manipulative so i know he is going to try and spin it in his favour and make me look like the asshole. What do i do?

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  • Pearl
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    6 months ago

    just tell hirn hes going to need to do his own exarns

  • 6 months ago

    its a bit late now. I do not even believe you. "i don t want to for work for him"??? wtf does that mean. And what kind of exam do you "say" rather than take? why do you need a partner to take one either? I think either you go to retard school or you are too stupid to come up with a way to take credit for his work and hoping someone hear will help you. if you do try to rat him out or make stuff up none of your friends should ever trust you again

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