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Should I get a Brazilian bikini wax, French bikini wax, or just the bikini line?

I'm 17, and I am leaning towards the Brazilian, but my mom disagrees- she thinks it'll be really itchy growing in. The thing is though, I'm already itchy all the time. I'm part Italian, and my hair (down there) is really thick and coarse and wiry. It's uncomfortable, and I can't shave the hair either- that leads to razor burn, which is even worse. and that type of pubic hair is even worse in the summer for the itching and discomfort. So, any advice before I make an appointment?

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  • Sky
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    7 months ago

    Get whatever kind you want. Just be prepared to deal with any potential consequences such as itchiness. I really don't know what the regrowth is like after waxing, whether it's itchy or not. However, what I do know is that the more you get it done and the more the hair has to grow back from the point of being completely smooth skin, the more comfortable and non-irritated it is.

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