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Why do some people come into our lives?

I'm so upset that I really like a guy friend of mine and we seem to have a great connection but he won't let it develop into anything else. He doesn't reject me but he doesn't want to acknowledge our connection, like what is the point of us meeting in this life? I don't get it.

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    10 months ago
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    Some people who enter our lives end up making us realize that they're good for us and even bad for us.

    Even when they're bad for us, we end up getting mentally strong by learning how to deal with being led on/rejection or weak by just feeling depressed and angry.

    When that person is bad for us, that person at least shapes how we want to be treated by the next potential person we fall for and the perfect partner for us.

    I got discarded/led on by the last woman I fell for and up to this day, she SERIOUSLY believes she didn't say or do anything wrong to me.

    I liked the same woman from June of last year until early February of this year.

    I had to move on for my sanity.

    The last woman I liked, whom I met back in June of last year and got over in early February of this year, would blow off some of my text messages and not even apologize.

    She even found it funny when I mentioned her being flaky to me.

    One time back in December of last year or November of last year, I text messaged her around 4 or 5 in the morning.

    I text messaged her to tell her that I woke up and instantly thought of her.

    I wasn't whacking off or had a dirty dream of her;just thought of her the moment I woke up and so I got on my cell and text messaged her.

    She didn't reply back to me the whole weekend.

    When I saw her again on a Monday (I used to work with her), she didn't apologize and said, "Hi" to me like nothing was wrong.

    I finally got over her this past February after I told her I got her Valentine's and she didn't seem to care when I told her that I got her Valentine's.

    She told me to my face, "Don't worry about it and I'll see you, bye!" and then walked away from me.

    It was at that point when I thought to myself, "Why bother with her?"

    She ignored some of my text messages, didn't care when I asked her out twice (the second/last time I asked her out was to a movie and she told me to see the movie by myself) and went from being happy seeing me at work ,telling me to text her whenever and that I wouldn't be bothering her to "Why do we have to talk?" and "I don't like how you're following me."

    She NEVER told her older sister who I still work with, that I liked her and told her older sister that I ignored her for no reason.

    I told her how I felt in person and even in a birthday card last October when it was her birthday as I surprised her with birthday presents.

    She told me 5 months ago to my face, "I have to treat you like everybody else on this job."

    She used to be one of my direct supervisors and is the ONLY female manager or female supervisor I ever fell for on a job.

    Her older sister is still one of my other direct supervisors.

    I just thought to myself, "treat me like everybody else when I've had my hands on you and have almost kissed you."

    I was shy upon first meeting her for a month as I couldn't even make direct eye contact with her when talking to her.

    She used me at work by wanting me to work a couple more hours after my shift ended and to come in on Saturdays just to work (I have weekends off).

    She would schedule me on Saturdays without asking me/letting me know until she ended up moving to another department last month.

    As of early last month, she moved on to another department but I'll still run into her from time to time at work.

    She STILL says, "Hi," to me at work as if "nothing is wrong" between us.

    Despite ignoring her from early last February to when she was still one of my direct supervisors, I still did whatever task she asked/needed me to take care of.

    You did NOTHING WRONG!

    You have to move on.

    Sometimes, it's not always a person's fault for why he or she gets led on or rejected, it's more about the other person who did the rejecting or leading on.

    I hope that I've helped answer your question and take care of yourself. I mean it.


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