Ipad mini(2019) or laptop?

My main question is what is the highest processing power device i can get within 500 (35000 inr )dollars. i want processing power doesn't matter if it's touch or not. i saw all these reviews of the new ipad mini and all of them were claiming that it was a beast compared to all the other tablets out there in this price point. I wanted to know if it can compete with laptops at this price point in terms of processing power, and if not can you guys please tell me what will be the closest laptop that ipad mini (2019) can be compared to.By the way by processing power i don't just mean the CPU but also the GPU.

I know its a big question so thank you for answering and any answer would be nice.

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  • 6 months ago
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    There is no comparison to be made, i'm afraid.

    They are different devices for different uses.

    If you want to compare the CPUs, go ahead. Not even the cheapest laptop will feature a CPU that can be beat by an ARM processor. And that is for a reason: power consumption.

    Mobile devices like tablets and phones are designed from the bottom up to last as long as possible and that means the CPUs that go in them have to be very power efficient. And they are, but at the cost of performance.

    On the other hand, laptops are built component by component with parts that are not necessarily power efficient, but that can perform at a certain standard. At the end of the assembly they just slap a battery in there and that's that.

    Talking about GPUs, I'm not certain how an Intel integrated GPU would fare against a tablet or phone GPU, but any dedicated card should crush the best mobile mobile GPU.

    Another aspect that shows the difference is cooling. Tablets and phones use passive cooling while laptops have active cooling (i.e. fans). That means the hardware inside mobile devices has a low temperature cap (so that they don't burn your hand) and laptops are usually sitting at 90°C comfortably

    I'll give credit to Apple's tablet lineup; they make great products. However there is no real competition between tablets and laptops

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      thanks man, that was really helpful. One more thing, i would like to ask you is what would you prefer as your secondary computer?

  • 6 months ago

    Start looking for a PC laptop.

    Benchmarks are helpful, but do not forget about the software. Processing power means nothing if you can't do your job (or play your game) on it. So you're stuck with what's on the app store unless you write your own, and for that you would need a Mac anyway.

    • G. Whilikers
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      My primary computer is an old MacBook Pro and I keep an iPad on a stand on my desk (and an iPhone in my pocket). The iPad is responsible for light stuff like games, video, chats, etc. and follows me to the couch or kitchen.

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