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Assmerican tourists have been dying lately in the Dom Repbulic, it has got me thinking ....?

Why in the hell do people want to go to the DR? It's pretty much the cheap trailer-trash version of Hawaii, but worse. Most of us would agree that Haiti is a shithole country. DR shares the island with a shithole country. That makes DR a shithole country, full of poor people who try to desperately to get the hell out. If you cannot play baseball, and are born in the DR, you will die in poverty by age 45. Why the hell would someone want to vacation there?


Really, you prick with the tie - Yahoo Fantasy Baseball? You must be a moron to think that category is appropriate.

Update 2:

Well, now you're just being a retard, you prick with the tie. I'm guessing you have some form of brain injury?

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    People vacation there because it is warm, beautiful and cheap. Why do you think people vacation there? Are you stupid?

    Just because they share and island doesn't make them the same place. the US shares an "island" with Guatemala but they are not the same place. The US shares a border with Mexico and they are not the same place. Have you ever been out of your county?

    I do like the fact that you try to make up stupid facts to support you case, I suppose you are a proud Trump supporter.

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    1 year ago

    It is the racist and evil American government that turned both Haiti and DRC (both initially very rich countries) into shithole countries. Americans are the ones who started and are enabling the war in Central Africa that has killed millions of innocent people so as to steal all their resources.

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