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Which processes are endothermic? I. Deposition II. Vaporization III. Sublimation IV. Condensation?

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    II. Vaporization & III. Sublimation

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  • Dr W
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    7 months ago

    endothermic processes

    .. solid to liquid... . ....melting

    .. solid to gas.. .. .. ....sublimation

    .. liquid to gas.. .. . .. .vaporization

    exothermic processes

    .. gas to liquid.. .. . ... condensation

    .. gas to solid.. .. .. . ..deposition

    .. liquid to solid.. .. . .. freezing

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  • 7 months ago


    you can bet that a change from one physical state to a LESS orderly state will require an input of energy (endothermic)

    so let's pick II. vaporization and III. sublimation

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  • 7 months ago

    Endothermic .....

    An endothermic process is one which absorbs heat, as opposed to an exothermic process which gives off heat.

    Exothermic: deposition, freezing and condensation

    Endothermic: sublimation, melting, and vaporization

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