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How did certain photos of me appear in a Google search for my name, when my name isn't in the text on that source?

In a Google search for my name, certain photos of me appear in the Images search results. The source is a blogspot page. But that blog post does not have my name in any of its text content.

Does Google use facial recognition or duplicate image recognition in its search results? Or did someone submit those images and request that they show up in searches for my name?


I looked up how to see alt text. Not sure if I have it all figured out. I did right-click, Inspect on Chrome. Saw some coded text. Did a search for my first name. It said 1 of 4 results, meaning 4 of them. But I couldn't actually find them, whether by clicked the next arrows or scrolling thru the text and looking manually.

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    7 months ago

    the may have put it in the site metadata, or the filename of the picture file.

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  • 8 months ago

    Did you check the ALT texts for those photos? The browser doesn't display them by default, but Google reads them.

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