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I sit all day and I feel it's affecting me?

I sit all day, and that's because I'm homeschooled and have no friends, I have nothing to do all day but sit and play my computer. My mom always says that I'll get like bedsores from sitting, but I have no idea what else I can do? I literally have nothing to do ALL day. Any advice on what I could do?

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    Of course it's affecting you.

    Get up every 40 minutes or so, stretch, walk round the room, stretch again.

    As a MINIMUM.

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    6 months ago

    Your mom had a point, I have a friend who uses a wheelchair and she gets bedsores from sitting. However, it takes very little to prevent them. Other people’s kid’s activities are meaningless here. It’s little more than a weak brag opportunity. This is about you and finding things you like doing. Here are a few suggestions:

    -Get a dog and walk it.

    -Do an exercise video.

    -If you’re old enough, get a part-time job. Think of the money you can game with.

    -Volunteer at an animal shelter, food pantry or the library.

    -if you go to church, synagogue or mosque, join their youth group.

    -look for homeschooling groups. Some are a lot better than others. Some only allow Christian members, or are geared at younger kids. Still, it’s worth looking.

    -Can’t find one? Please don’t be afraid of activities that include schooled kids. Take martial arts. Join a gym. Believe it or not, they volunteer, work and do the same things homeschooled kids do. They just do it after 3pm.

    Good luck. Get moving

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    6 months ago

    Have you thought of opening your front door and stepping outside?

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Your excuse of being is homeschooling is ridiculous. I've taught my kids at home for over 17yrs, starting year 18 in Sept. We are very busy from sun up to sun down. If you are sitting down all day then it is your own fault. Studies show kids in public school sit more than people in an office job. You have plenty of things to do if you put your mind to it.

    This is an example of one of my teens days-

    Get up early at a chosen time usually around 8:30am and start school work.

    Walk around the block at 10am before going off to be a mother's helper at neighbors home

    Return home and work 2hrs on school work


    Volunteer work at church, church members home or another place needing help

    Return home for supper finish any needed school work

    Relax till bed time

    This is just one day. It changes throughout the week to include homeschool co-op, sports, additional volunteer work, random landscaping business that comes from the family business, deliver Meals On Wheels, help out church Awanas plus additional work or help needed somewhere else.

    You claim there is nothing to do but have you looked outside your front door? There is a whole big world out there. The joy of homeschooling is you set your own hours. My youngest son is 17 and will soon start working 6 hours a day each week, he is also responsible for his expected school work when we start back homeschooling.

    My other teen (my daughter, son's twin) who is the mother's helper at times revolves her school work hours around other things she loves to too which includes volunteering at local pet rescue shelter. She also helps out for some pay at a nearby retirement home.

    Look up local co-op groups, most areas even rural one (we live in the country) & you should find one nearby. Our closest one is a little less than 30mins away but we never let that stop us. Ask around neighbors if they need help with any housework or odd jobs, join local clubs, join a sports team and so on. Your options are endless because you are not stuck in a school building all day long.

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Use videos to practice dance moves, yoga, aerobic exercises, whatever. Or just put on some music and get up and dance.

    Put a stationary bike stand in your room and ride while you play games or watch workout videos.

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      Everyone knows how to dance, just not well. I could bounce up and down and call it dancing. If no one is around, it doesn’t matter. There’s no one to impress

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