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What is the maximum and minimum flow rate of a 200 bar nitrogen tank?

no flow or pressure gauges.

if you turned it on to maximum what would the approximate flow rate be?

and the approximate minimum flow rate?


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    Flow rate is dependent upon pressure, which you gave and also the size of the tightest constriction. Without knowing that there is no way to answer the question. Is it 1/4th inch? 4 Inches?

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    6 months ago

    A while. I have blown down a full 80 ft^3 scuba tank and it takes a few minutes. Those scuba tanks were filled to 3000 psi which is about 200 bar.

    The key factor is how big of a valve is on the tank. Scuba valves have relatively a small opening (because you don't need to pass a large volume of air to the first stage regulator). Other valves on an N2 cylinder could be much larger.

    If you don't get an answer, I would talk to a welding supplier and see if they have an idea.

    < and the approximate minimum flow rate? >

    As close to zero as you want to get to with the appropriate valve.

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