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Why can't I delete all my temporary files? (Windows 10)?


Currently my storage usage is showing that temporary are files taking up 235 gb of memory. Using disk cleanup for some reason the temporary files only equaled out to around 20mb.

Then doing run command then %temp% but it didn't help.

Settings > System > Storage > Free Up Space Now to remove temporary files it only gives me 177kb worth of things to delete and after I purge that small amount it just resets again to another 177kb to delete.

Using CCleaner got rid of a little over 1gb

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  • Ron75
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    6 months ago

    Try going to your hard drive and opening it. Then open the Windows tree that you will see and go down through that. You can delete all of the prefetch files too as the computer will put them back as you go to different sites. Then go to Windows> Software Distribution>Download and you can also take out a lot of those files as they were put in by updates. The go on down to the Temp folder and you should be able to remove some of those. It will tell you as you do these things which ones are in use and can't be removed. Also go to Settings>Privacy>Locations and Clear the History. This should free up some space and then you can go to your My Computer and use that cleanup to get rid of some more.


  • 6 months ago

    Windows clean up just ignores a lot of stuff that could be deleted & also does not do anything much with other program's data caches, which ccleaner does remove.

  • 6 months ago

    Some are in use

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