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Whats a good speaker to use for a loud work environment? What should I be looking at?

I got a 160 watt blackweb party speaker and I cant hear it more than 5 feet away from it at work. So I was going to return it but I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations or what should I look at for what I need. My friend said there is a 15 inch speaker at walmart for the same orice I got mine for about $130 and its super loud and mine probably isnt that loud because its 2 6 inch speakers. Thanks.

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    To get something that will really do the job,

    you will need to look in another direction.

    If your work environment is so loud that you can't hear a blasting speaker at 5 feet,

    your hearing is already on its way to ruin.

    You need protection, not entertainment,

    but there are ways to get some of both.

    Look at Howard Leight (and other brands) muffs with built-in audio.

  • 6 months ago

    try thrift shops,general everything resale shops,the after markets are flooded with older stuff,everything electronic,click back to ADS loudspeakers,& others,ten to fifteen bucks might get you a pair or 3 from a dance studio that upgrades to new tech,& dumps the older stuff for a tax writeoff,,a used upscale audio visual storefront in a yuppie neighborhood might have what you need,small speakers,2 ways will do,look for the suspension using rubber to bind the cone,steel enclosures for toughness, if you work inside,or outside,the steel housing with rubber boots at the connection ports will keep water out,one of these if it gets knocked over,it will still work. small speakers about ten In tall a few in. deep,with 100 wpc capacity ought to do the trick.

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