I got a job offer but I am still waiting on another one that sounded promising?

So I currently work at a clothing store but i’m looking for a second job. I got an interview at another clothing store and it went pretty well and yesterday they called to offer me the job. The thing is, their scheduling wouldn’t work well with my other job - which I really want to keep - so my hours available at both would be VERY limited and I want to be working a lot over the summer. The vacation time I booked in the summer at my first job also doesn’t work for this retail place. I had another interview at a restaurant that was very promising - like borderline felt like he was giving me the job but never said so specifically. He asked for me to email my availability which I did on Wednesday and he said he would get back to me Monday or sometime next week. The restaurant is open 6am-12pm so there’s WAY more room for working max hours and getting the most out of my availability and he’s also okay with the time off I agreed with for my first job. Also, I can expand my skill set and experience working at a restaurant. I have until this afternoon/night to let the clothing store know if i want the job or not... I think I should take a calculated risk and say no to the clothing store and hope the restaurant will take me. What do you think?

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  • 7 months ago

    Everything in your question seems to point to telling the 2nd clothing store no, so I guess that is what you should do. I mean do what yuo think is best but it sounds like absolutely nothing works with the 2nd clothing store and everything does with the restaurant so I'd just hope to get that job and tell the clothing store no.

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  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    I don't actually care and what does it even matter what I think?

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