How do you uninstall Ubuntu 6.10 from an iBook G4 and install windows xp?

I have an old iBook G4 that I wanted to mess around with and potentially upgrade, so I wanted to see if it could run other operating systems. I installed Ubuntu 6.10 in hopes of it being able to boot up a Windows XP install disk, but I have not been able to get it to boot the CD at all. When I first startup the computer, it asks if I want to press "l" to boot from GNU/Linux, or press "c" to boot from CDROM. When I press "c", it runs the disk drive, but it just goes back to that the screen asking what button to press.

I am not very familiar with Ubuntu at all, so I was wondering even if this task was possible from my current area.


Also, when I left my Ubuntu 6.10 OS on the computer for a while, I came back to it seeing that multiple GNOME programs were unable to run and were deleted, along with the main GUI, Nautilus, being unable to run at all. To be honest, I have no idea what to do in this situation, but besides messing up the computer more, I wanted to check here first.

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  • 6 months ago

    In short: You have to format your hard drive to get rid of Ubuntu using some sort of disk management program. XP cannot be installed on that iBook.

    Longer answer: Your iBook uses an uncommon CPU. It is a Motorola PowerPC CPU. Microsoft never released a version of XP that works on those CPUs (as far as I'm aware), so it just won't work at all. The closest you can get is to run XP through a virtual machine program that supports the PPC architecture. Even then I don't recommend this. I used to have an archaic iMac G4 and I installed XP on it through Microsoft Virtual PC. It was painfully slow. It took hours to install, and when it was finished, it was just overall sluggish. Opening menus and programs just took way too long. Not a pleasant experience.

    If you want a usable computer, you're better off just installing whatever is the latest version of Mac OS for your iBook.

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      You would need to obtain an install disc for whatever version of Mac you want that is compatible with that iBook. Once you boot off of the disk, you can format the drive and reinstall the Mac system.

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