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Why was I sent this random email from my professor?

I earned a C on both exams (slightly above the class average) and I had mentioned in person that there was a lot of material and that it wasn't quite my area (I am indeed a Bio major but I excel in molecular/cell/physiology as opposed to this evolutionary biology and ecological systems). I stated that I wasn't quite sure how to study for these tests. She sent me this email the next day:

"I know you are frustrated due to your exam score(s), but I want you to know that while this may not feel like intuitive material for you, you come up with amazing, thoughtful questions that are interesting scientifically, which tells me that you ARE understanding the material and thinking critically about it."

Is she: trying to figure out why my test performance is low? Trying to encourage me because she thinks I'm losing interest in Biology? Trying to be compassionate? Trying to garner my interest because she thinks I'm capable in her field?

I'm just curious because the majority of students earned Cs or lower.

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    Trying to encourage you obviously. If you can do the critical thinking then you can do the Science. You're probably getting C because you lack a couple of important insights. At an appropriate time, ask her where she thinks you are going wrong.

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    You seem to be asking random strangers to tell what someone else was thinking. Good luck.

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    6 months ago

    She wants to hook up with you.

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