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it is claimed that at this time 2 billions tons of ice a day are melted from the Greenland glaciers. If true, is this cause for alarm?


Quintin: Look at the article, that is an unusually high amount for this time of the year, which is almost Summertime. Reason would have it, that it wouldn't melt that way all year long. So where do you get the figure 280 bn tons a year? Hysteria, maybe?

Update 2:

CR: Why the hysteria? Look at the overall picture. 2 billion tons amounts to less than 1 cubic mile of water and there are an estimated 321,003,271 cubic miles of water in the oceans, according to NOAA. Now fraction that out and see what hysteria you are having over an insignificant amount of water. one drop in a rain barrel is more impressive than that and you want immediate action on something as insignificant as that? Boy! That proves that you are paranoid.

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    IF true, still no cause for alarm.

    Nothing you can do about it.

    Nobody seemed to care last time the place was plush and green, from whence it got ts name. They grew food much farther north than even now. Just like in northern Europe.

    Even liberal sources like wikipedia admit to warming periods before today.

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      We ran the estimated numbers of CO2 just from the industrial revolution (which is the target). It came out to about .001% (one thousandths of one percent) of total atmosphere.

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    It means that it is time to take action to support the development of clean energy sources, such as solar, hydro and nuclear power.

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    I can't see any reason why it wouldn't be

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    Yes, we need to start taking action ASAP

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